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Administration and Application

At Alimera Sciences we are committed to providing healthcare professionals with comprehensive training on the ILUVIEN injection technique. The following injection training materials have been developed to support healthcare professionals and should be viewed before administration.

Essential information on ILUVIEN’s unique drug delivery system.

Download the step by step guide to the ILUVIEN injection technique.

Download the ILUVIEN Administration Guide Booklet

ILUVIEN must only be administered by a qualified Ophthalmologist experienced in intravitreal injections.

The intravitreal injection procedure should be carried out under controlled aseptic conditions using sterile gloves, a sterile drape and a sterile eyelid speculum (or equivalent).

Prior to injection pre-operative antibiotic drops may be administered at the discretion of the Ophthalmologist.

The applicator should be prepared as directed in the administration video. Following preparation of the applicator, the insertion of ILUVIEN can begin.